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Priest outs himself and then resigns over Vatican’s stance on gay rights

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  1. I think people are too quick to critisize Pope Benedict. I know the rulling does not exactly fit in with our so called “society” but if totally open gay priests and those who suppose gay culture were admited, what kind of contradiction would it be to catholicalism? The are not hating homosexuals which is quite evident, they are just stating that how can it be credible to admit candidates to the priesthood who show an overwhelming support for gay culture when in catholicalism it is not favourised? It’s not a hate campaign by Pope Benedict XVI, he is just simply outlining what the catholic faith is, and really, if catholics don’t like it, there are other churches to deffect too. But the more you look into it the more people understand. Catholicalism is like a book, people only read the 1st page and critisize, but there is another 999 pages which people don’t take into account.

  2. Robert W. Pierce 5 Jan 2006, 3:02pm

    I find that to be a rather naive way of interpreting the church’s reinforcment of its ban on gays in the priesthood. Though the pope’s comments may not be intentionally harmful, they are ammunition for the the overwhelming number of bigoted, homophobic people everywhere to justify their bigotry and hatred. The pope’s words by default fuel violence against gay people. I think the church needs to investigate the number of high ranking prelates who are gay and some who are not leading a celibate life. In Latin America alone, there are heterosexual clergy fathering children and some even have mistresses. As for the pedophilia in the U.S.A., the vatican’s belief is that homosexuality can be equated with pedophilia. He is dead wrong on that. Most of the pedophilia crimes here in the U.S.A. are heterosexually based according to official government crime statistics. The vatican has said nothing in regard to the number of heterosexual priests who have also committed pedophilia or ephebophilia or those who are engaging in sexual relations with adult members of the opposite sex. Why is the church not addressing that and how is the church to set standards for detecting heterosexual pedophilies and philanderers prior to entry into the seminary. Its a double standard and it smacks of prejudice and hypocrisy.Robert, NYC.

  3. Wow. You seem to think you are the only one who has the right to air his views. Gay activists have hijacked the word “homophobic” so that instead of referring to an irrational fear or hatred of people who are homosexual (its actual meaning), it now refers to anyone who does not accept that gay sex acts are OK. It’s a word you can throw at anyone who dares to disagre with you.”[Homosexuals] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided,” says the Catechism of the Catholic Church. How can this be seen as encouraging violence or ill-treatment of gay people? The pope simply teaches that gay sex acts are immoral, and I find it frightening that you feel he doesn’t have the right to say that. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? The pope isn’t being abusive or trying to incite hatred, he is simply expressing a religious belief. Apparently, you are allowed to express your beliefs whereas he is not. As long as homosexuals have rights, it’s OK for others not to – that seems to be what you’re saying.I’m gay, but I don’t believe anyone who believes gay sex is immoral should be censored. You want tolerance? I suggest you tolerate others.

  4. I’m not saying the Vatican/ Holy See is perfect. Far from it. And im sure vatican officials are aware of it. What would be hypocrisy is to admit gay men who overwhelmingly support gay culture and encourage it into the Catholic Priesthood. The Vatican is not baring homosexual men who don’t fit that specification. It only seems logical. The Holy See is not homophobic in the sense of condeming homosexuals. Far from it. Just as “P” said,”[Homosexuals] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided,”. Not spreading agape love is a sin, not loving homosexuals and to discriminate them is a sin. But encouraging gays to keep sinning in the eyes of the church, seems obsurd. Nobody can expect Pope Benedict XVI or any future pope to change this stance. If it changes it will rock the foundations and beliefs of the church and the church will collapse through confusion etc.I also noticed in the article about if Pope Benedict made such comments in the UK he would be arrested or charged.. well not true. He has diplomatic immunity aswell as freedom of speech. I reiterate again, the Holy Father is not on a hate campaign. I am bisexual Roman Catholic and previously took the same stance as many condeming the church and the pope. That was the most ignorant point in my life. I chose to condemn before knowing all the facts. I think a few more people should open their eyes and wake up. Too much sleep does the body no good.

  5. Steve Pinder-Banthorpe 4 Feb 2006, 1:02am

    Religion is only a voluntary system of beliefs. In other words people choose to follow the religion of their choice. Therefore, it is their choice to believe as much mumbo jumbo as they wish, and if this includes homophobic views then so be it. Personally, as an atheist and humanist, I don’t give gnat’s piss about what religious people believe, as it’s their choice. What does bug me, however, is their sanctimonious opinion of themselves as being better than people without religion. I believe that all people are different and we should respect those differences. If a Pope wants to show disrespect to others because of how they live their lives then that says more about the bad in the Pope than the people he is criticising.

  6. Paul Remillard 22 Feb 2006, 2:49pm

    The difference between the two is that Abu Hamza al-Masri has advocated murder in no uncertain terms, while the Pope has merely issued guidance in accord with the Faith he preaches.Were Abu Hamza as restrained in his comments and proclamations of faith, then he would not have been tried, convicted and imprisoned.

  7. Beatriz Assumpcao 11 Jul 2006, 8:54pm

    What this pope and the “Holy” Church do is to make much more difficult my life and the life of millions of people who probably has much more love and compassion to teach than any bishop in the the vatican, This hipocrits full of intolerance, perverted with power and their evil fantasy, that allows them to judge and hate people without a coherent motivation. IIf you think the world needs family morality, go and make one your self! Look at your own life and sexuality and resolve it, instead of criticising others. This are the basics of the Christian philosophy (the real one). The papacys trought the centuries just created hatreted and intolerance. Poor Jesus Christ…

  8. Th ePope has never singled out homsexuality in terms of sexual behaviour. His moral values are seeped in the Bible and the Church’s views, and to him there is no discromination – No sex oustide marraige, no polygamy, no condoms. How does this make him homophobic when he gives equal treatment to all non Catholic sexual issues? Gay people cannot change religion.

  9. ‘Homosexuality has been around for as long as heterosexuality, yet people have got married throughout the centuries’So why do Gay people want to get married today? What stops them continuing as they have’for centuries’, or devising their own system; why must they hijack the heteros way, which everyone knows has been around for centuries ‘side by side with homosexuality’, according to the article? Heteros devised marraige, and we want no interlopers, thank you, no mimics ourside the original design. Go form yours.

  10. He has the right to air his views. We are asking for equality and tolerance in society in general. You are asking too much of the Pope. Maybe one day the Pope, Benedict or not, will come to terms with the reality of homosexuality, but not anytime soon. I would like the Pope to ask countries to stop putting gays in jail and stop hating on them. This is the least he could do. But I’m not sure he would do that.

  11. Luke Bryant, Victoria, Austral 26 Jun 2007, 5:36am

    I do not see any time in the future where a pope may come to terms with reality! Religion forbids a true understanding of reality!!You also said, “We are asking for equality and tolerance in society in general.” Basically I do agree, but there remains an important difference. Some time ago I was active in a gay/lesbian police network in my State. At a Committee meeting I also used the word “tolerance” and was immediately corrected by the Sergeant when she said, “No! It is not tolerance we need, it is acceptance.”Religious bigots continue rejecting what is in the broad sense – human sexuality. Armed Service Heads, Governments and religious leaders need to practice their empowered principles of keeping church and State separate.Luke Bryant

  12. Luke Bryant. Victoria, Austral 26 Jun 2007, 6:57am

    You ask,”So why do gay people want to get married today?”Friend, do you not know there are many legal reasons why G/L people need to have Legal approval to be united, be it called marriage or whatever word you may think is suitable. Gay and Lesbian people are at times denied access to so much that heterosexual persons expect and/or take for granted. Perhaps now, you may rethink your opinion.Luke Bryant

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