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Transsexual killer convicted of attempted rape has sentence reduced

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Reader comments

  1. As Karen (a female) was dating a man, her boyfriend was therefore heterosexual, not homosexual. The only way she could have had a gay lover was if she was dating a woman.

  2. Scott Brown 14 Dec 2005, 1:19pm

    If you read the third paragraph it states that Karen killed her boyfriend whilst living as a gay man, this would indicate this was before the gender reassignment and as such, it would have made both Mark (Karen) and her boyfriend homosexual.

  3. The use of the word ‘Suffering’ disgusts me. I have several trans friends who complete dislike the term Gender Dysphroa because it is a label the medical community slaps on them. By adding ‘suffering’ to the term you are enforcing the idea that being transsexual is being diseased, which is clearly not the case.

  4. what the hell?? HE should be given a life sentence…. HE murdered the poor guy just for some fight……then HE trys to rape some poor woman? life sentence with out parole……… and another thing transsexual or not if your born a man your a man, if you born a woman your a woman, it dosnt matter what you think of your self, what YOU wish you could be, how much surgery you get, you are what you are, your just fooling your self and others, stop the bs, and another thing, murder is murder, rape is rape, crazy or not life is your only option for doing both, those judges are stupid, thanx for putting someone else in danger,

  5. this is bs, HE murdered the poor guy and gets let go?!?!? then trys to rape some woman then gets short term????? who will HE try to rape/murder next? I HOPE HE ATTACKS THE JUDGES WHO RULED THIS so HE will get life without parole. and another thing if your born a man your a man, if your born a woman, your a woman, getting a sex change or wishing you was, dosnt make you what your not, i wish i could fly and save the world from evil………but that does NOT make me a super hero……………..-_- come on people stop the bs just live your life as you was ment to stop trying to fool everyone else because your just fooling your self………..

  6. Kelly Richards 25 Jul 2009, 9:11am

    This is medical treatment and ought not to be viewed any other way, yes the person comitted a crime. are they guilty before making judgment because there are enough bent MP’s. Lords, Baristers and so on through out the system.

    I transistioned in prison, and had GRS, and was transferred back to a male prison, which I remained for eleven months before being moved on,I cannot commit on the case don’t know it, although I do find the sex crime bit disturbing from a psychiatric standpoint.

    Kelly Richards

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