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12 December 2005

  • 12th December 2005

    The Producers

    12:00 AM — Films based on books are commonplace. Films based on plays are likewise ten a penny. Films about putting on plays also have a long tradition in Hollywood, especially when, as here, the "putting on a show" idea provides an excuse for a number of song and dance numbers. On top of this, these days remakes of existing movies seem to be cropping up every month. But it is still rare - in fact well-nigh unprecedented - to get a film adaptation of a play that was itself an adaptation of a film that was about putting on a play.

  • School bans gay support group from advertising in student newspaper

    The editor of the school newspaper said: “Symbolically, it's a gesture against the gay community, and that's offensive“

    12:00 AM — Officials at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Pittsburgh, USA, have stopped the distribution of a school newspaper with an advertisement by a gay and lesbian support group, and distributed it two weeks later without the ad.A teacher at the school said in an e-mail to a parent that 1,200 copies of the November edition of The Limelight newspaper were recalled because of the advertisement by the gay support group Common Roads.

  • Gay police offer accepts £30,000 in homophobia case 1

    Angela Black, representing Norfolk Police Authority and Norfolk Constabulary, said: “the police authority and constabulary strongly deny these allegations.”

    12:00 AM — An openly gay police officer that accused his force of homophobic bullying and anti-gay discrimination accepted a £30,000 out of court settlement this week.Inspector Neil Ferguson of the Norfolk Constabulary originally claimed £400,000 from the force and the local police authority over his claims to have suffered homophobia.

  • Diana fancied gay pop star George Michael- singer claims

    George Michael said the Princess of Wales was “very attracted to him”

    12:00 AM — The late Princess Diana was obsessed with gay pop star George Michael according to claims make this week by the singer.The pop star has alleged that the Princess of Wales was "very attracted to him" and that they nearly got into a physical relationship.Mr Michael said: "there were certain things that happened that made it clear she was very attracted to me. There was no question."

  • 3.6 million British gays – government audit claims 1

    In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay

    12:00 AM — Government officials have this weekend revealed that 3.6 million British people are gay or lesbian.In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay.The Treasury conducted the estimate to assess the financial impact of the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act this month.

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