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Comment: If Robbie Williams thinks it’s ok to be gay, why sue for libel?

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Reader comments

  1. Well Done Robbie! There seems to be some intrest in Robs Sex Life.He entertains Millions who cares if hes gay or not? I dont think he his but the press should leave him alone

  2. I’m sure that the only reason Robbie sued was because he is honest by nature and didn’t want people to think of him as something he’s not, it’s as simple as that. He is in no way homophobic. He is the first to admit to something he is ashamed about if it is true so obviously being in his position and having so many lies about him in the media every day can be extremely irritating. Not doing anything would have made him look worse in many people’s eyes as there would still be many people who believed that he was secretly gay and uncomfortable enough about it to try and hide it. There have been rumours about him being secretly gay for a long time and I expect he wanted to clear these rumours up once and for all.

  3. Lindsay Andrews 10 Dec 2005, 10:11am

    Some people like dark chocolate but others don’t eat it and would deny eating it. Some people smoke whilst others think that’s ok but don’t smoke themselves and would deny smoking.Where is YOUR tolerance for a man who says …it’s ok to be gay but I’m not. Who is the zealous bigot then?

  4. I think it is about time that Peter Tatchell got himself a life and actually tried to do something of benefit to the gay community .. that is after all what he CLAIMS to want to do.

  5. Steve Pinder-Banthorpe 4 Feb 2006, 1:13am

    Robbie Williams’ has every right to defend himself against untrue statements, however, he has never, until this case, actually clearly stated his sexuality. He has, however, clearly exploited the gay market. Wasn’t he a dancer at various gay venues before joining Take That? I have never seen the attraction myself, and still regard him as a monkey-faced tosser.

  6. Steve Pinder-Banthorpe 4 Feb 2006, 1:22am

    And, Peter Tatchell is the most decent, dedicated, and honest bloke the gay (and straight) community has had fighting for it’s humand rights in my life time, (and I’ve been on this earth a few years). He’s the only person I would love to shake by the hand and thank for his tireless efforts to improve all our lives.

  7. Robbie Williams seems to be another brainless bigot, who says anything to secure his position in the hypocritical American entertainment business.

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