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07 December 2005

  • 7th December 2005

    Just Like Heaven

    12:00 AM — Yet another one of those films where you can just imagine the studio execs hammering out the pitch, which can't have been anything other than, "Ghost, but with the genders reversed - and it's a comedy!"Yep, whereas 1990's Ghost featured the living Demi Moore doing the whole love thing with the ghost of Patrick Swayze, helped out by a female medium, here we get the living Mark Ruffalo falling in love with the ghost of Reece Witherspoon, helped out by a male psychiatrist. And on top of that, they've chucked in the When Harry Met Sally idea (in itself pinched from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing) that on first meeting, they hate each other

  • Joyeux Noel

    12:00 AM — War films produced through cooperation between the combatant countries have had a fairly solid track record over the years. There's the epic re-telling of the Normandy Landings, 1962's The Longest Day, a British/German/French co-production, 1970's American/Japanese take on the attack on Pearl Harbor, Tora! Tora! Tora! and the British/Japanese prisoner of war movie Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence from 1983, all of which are superb in not only their historical accuracy but also their sensitivity.

  • King Kong

    12:00 AM — How do you follow up on the most successful and critically acclaimed film trilogy since the original Star Wars movies? What do you do next after proving your critics wrong and pulling off a great adaptation of a book many still considered to be unfilmable? How do you move on from the longest and most complex deliberately-planned film shoot in the history of cinema?

  • March of the Penguins

    12:00 AM — We've been spoiled in Britain when it comes to nature documentaries. Since the 1950s, the British public has had innumerable superb expeditions into the wonderful world of wildlife beamed into their homes thanks to a combination of the BBC and the national treasure that is Sir David Attenborough, all of which have been in equal measures fascinating and expertly produced.

  • First man to hold a gay marriage in Britain dies 1

    Mr Roche told reporters: “I really, really needed to get married” shortly before his death

    12:00 AM — A terminally ill cancer sufferer who was given permission to wed his partner in a gay wedding ceremony on Monday has died.Matthew Roche, 46, died on Tuesday 6th December at St Barnabas Hospice in Worthing, West Sussex, just a day his and his partner, Christopher Cramp held their partnership ceremony in the hospice.The Civil Partnership Act normally requires a 15-day waiting period between the application for a partnership and the ceremony.

  • Gay HIV positive man takes Condoleezza Rice to court 1

    The case names Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The State Department is under her jurisdiction.

    12:00 AM — A gay rights organisation this week initiated a case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on behalf of a man who was allegedly denied employment as a Foreign Service Officer by the U.S. State Department because he is HIV positive.The case names Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The State Department is under her jurisdiction.

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