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05 December 2005

  • 5th December 2005

    British couples get ready to hold gay wedding ceremonies

    Britain will see 4500 gay weddings over the next few months

    12:00 AM — Couples the length and breadth of Britain today made the first steps to cementing their relationships under the Civil Partnerships Act.The Civil Partnership Act, which came into force today, will allow gay couples to register their relationship in a civil ceremony and receive the vast majority of the rights that straight married couples receive. However, unlike a wedding, churches and other places of worship can refuse to allow their members to hold a ceremony on their property.

  • Gay Prisoner Behind Rape Accusation Heads Back to Jail

    A court official said Johnson will not be returned to the prision where the alleged rapes occurred

    12:00 AM — A gay man who alleged that he was forced to perform sex acts for a prison gang while incarcerated at a Texas penitentiary headed back to jail this week.Roderick Keith Johnson, 37, will spend about 60 days locked up for violating his parole.Johnson was re-arrested earlier this month when he failed to appear at a hearing over allegations of cocaine use and his failure to attend drug-rehabilitation treatment.

  • Schools can’t out students as gay, US court rules

    Judge James Selna found that  schools do not have the automatic right to disclose a student's sexual orientation

    12:00 AM — A federal judge in Los Angeles ruled Thursday that a high school does not have the right to "out" a student without his or her permission.The American Civil Liberties Union brought the lawsuit on behalf of Charlene Nguon, a senior in Orange County's Garden Grove Unified School District, who claimed the principal violated her right to privacy by telling her parents she was a lesbian after he disciplined her for being affectionate with her girlfriend.

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