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03 December 2005

  • 3rd December 2005

    PinkNews.co.uk Editor, released from hospital 3

    Benjamin Cohen thanked readers for their support

    12:00 AM — Readers will be pleased to hear that the Editor of PinkNews.co.uk, Benjamin Cohen, has been released from hospital following his recent illness.Benjamin was admitted after suffering serious problems with his vision, balance and co-ordination.Doctors at Barnet General Hospital in North London have found that two lesions on the right hand side of his brain had caused his problems.

  • South African High Court Says Yes to Gay Marriage 1

    African nations are generally intolerant of gay relationships

    12:00 AM — The high court of South Africa ruled on Thursday that same-sex marriages will enjoy the same legal status as those between men and women, making the nation one of just five worldwide that have removed legal barriers to gay and lesbian unions.But the Constitutional Court effectively stayed its ruling for one year to give Parliament time to amend a 1961 marriage law. Should legislature balk, the court said the law will be automatically changed to make its provisions gender-neutral.

  • HIV Rate Hits All Time High for Gay Men in UK 2

    More gay men tested positive for HIV last year than any year since records began

    12:00 AM — As the world gathered to celebrate World AIDS Day 2005 this week, new figures in the United Kingdom suggested the country's gay community saw more gay men testing positive for HIV last year than any year since records began.So far, 2,185 positive tests have been reported among gay men during 2004 to the Health Protection Agency (HPA), and this number is likely to rise further as late reports come in.

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