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Christian pastor who compared gays to paedophiles acquitted of homophobic hate crimes

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Brenner 29 Nov 2005, 9:16pm

    I think this pastor has a right to his opinion and if we stop him from speaking out we might as well put a muzzle on everyone else. I know he has the biblical part right even if I don’t agree with him. My pastor has twisted my bible verses around so much I am having a hard time believing anything any more. I know what I want to do but deep down I guess I realize it will hurt me in the end and I still am doing it. Is there any truth anymore or any release from the way I feel? I’m only trying to be honest with myself, maybe for the first time.I not going to put anyone in jail just because I don’t agree wiht them.

  2. Another nut case hate monger hiding under the tax exempt title of “pastor”QUOTE: “” warning that Sweden risked a natural disaster because of leniency toward gays. “He should be charghed with manslaughter the next time a gay person is killed becaus eof his HATE SPEECH

  3. I can’t believe how a pastor can hold such hatred contentment towards people in the gay community, criticise how we choose to lead our lives. We are all part of the human race, who gave him the “high almighty right” to cast judgement on others. Accross the world the hatred towards minority groups the gay community, is frightening. You would think that our governments politicians, would instead of just talking about equality anti discriminatory practice. That they would start to prove that, show that they have zero tolerance of acts of violence hatred towards minority groups gay people. Human rights – that does include gay people too…

  4. Leslie said: “I can’t believe how a pastor can hold such hatred contentment towards people in the gay community”I CAN- religion is ABOUT hate, more wars, conflicts, bloodshed and condoned murders have been propagated by, for, in the name of or caused by RELIGION than anything else. STart at the Crusades and read forward to the Salem Witch Trials, or vice-versa, either way all you see is Bible condoned murder, blood sacrifices, subversion of women, condoning slavery and the list goes on.Religion is a cancer and a curse, the sooner church’s tax exempt status is YANKED and these right wing morons slapped upside the head the better.

  5. This kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach. I resent these ppl the “oxygen of publicity” – it gives succour to those who hold similar views. What “leniency towards gays?” is he referring to exactly? The leniency that comes with getting glassed in the face or abused in the street? Fortunately, this idiot will be dropping of his perch soon.

  6. I believe this pastor is talking about something he would maybe like to taste. male honey!! Declaring this , the pastor is not helping but adding hate feelings to the world. the world is already experimenting rage and violence and instead of helping this kind of people is poisoning more the human nature. God wants us to love each other no matter peoples belief or sexual habits . this is something personal of each other like any other individual human trait.

  7. Ed in USA 9 Dec 2007, 7:56am

    He is telling the truth and being consistent in his convictions. The Bible condemns ALL sexual relations outside of the permanent union between a man and a woman. As an ex-homosexual and now a Christian, I know it is hard to comprehend–but such people really do love, not hate. When you realize hell is the destination of all of us (and I include myself defnitely) unless we turn away from our sins, then such declarations as the pastor made are actually designed to warn people, and direct them away from an eternal torment. Please be more understanding and see that the motivation is not hatred, but deep concern, and deep conviction about the eternal destiny of all who disobey what God has said. He (and I, and others) would make similar declarations about those who steal, who murder, who are racial bigits, who are greedy for money, who are brutal, etc.

  8. Ed in USyou believe certain things, and believe that that belief gives you and other people the right to upset, hurt, and at times persecute people, e.g. gays.Now I don’t believe that particular fairy tale, and even if it is true I wouldn’t want anything to do with a god that dishes out infinite punishment for finite crimes – sins to you. LGBT people largely just want to be left alone to live their lives with the same rights and dignity as the straight world, including secular marriage. We don’t want to be harrassed by people calling us sinners. We don’t want to deal with “ex-gays” who’ve sold themselves into a form of slavery in the hope of being “saved”. I’d advise you to look around and consider all the different sects in your cult, some of which are quite exclusive to the point that only THEY are on track.I hope you are happy with your life, without someone who you an love fully.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Dec 2007, 2:15pm

    apYrs, I bet Ed has never even had sex with a woman. Most of these socalled ex-gays remain celibate or continue having sex with men and at the same time insist they’re no longer gay. Of the very few who marry, and its an extremely small number, they continue having sex with their own gender.Amazing how they believe they can pray away the gay. They believe in an entiry for which there is no sound evidence except the ramblings of unsophisticated men in both the old and new testaments. Ed claims he would make the same declarations against straights for their sinful ways, but in reality, none of these holier than thou hypocrites ever do. Instead, their crusade is to villify, denigrate and support discrimination against gay people while at the same time, having sex with them and hiding behind religion as evidenced by the republican party over the past few years. Its a party that engenders the likes of Ed, Hank et al. A party of self-loathers, hypocrites, bigots and liars.

  10. William - Dublin 9 Dec 2007, 3:24pm

    “that the motivation is not hatred, but deep concern”Well, Ed, thats the problem, isn’t it? People of religious conviction should just mind their own business. If you’re happy that YOU are not going to your own version of hell, that should be enough for YOU, its not your business to be raming that same convision down the faces of others.I personaly think peopole who follow religious teachings blindly are idiotd, but its not my place to make them attend college to see how stuipd they actually are.So, if your faith is strong enough, you should not need to scream from the pulpit about two people in a relationship that is neither hurthing anyone, or has anything to do with anyone else.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Dec 2007, 4:30pm

    William, in my recollection of the bible, Jesus Christ apparently warned against people for proselytising and shouting their religious beliefs from the rooftops, exactly what Ed, Hank and the rest of them do. They are NOT christians at all, just bigots, hypocrits, liars and cheats. In fact, this brand of cultism is a mental illness as is much of religion in general. It IS very revealing though why they single out gay websites and I think it goes way beyond prurient interest.

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