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“Happy Slapping” girl asked gay murder victim to “pose for the camera”, court told

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Reader comments

  1. Actually, the Metropolitan Police expressed satisfaction at the verdict and said that it gave justice to the Morley family. David Morley’s own family expressed satisfaction at the verdict.One single policeman has expressed ‘disappointment’.As far as I can see, Tarique Ghaffur’s position boils down to the fact that David Morley was part of a minority group – and that simply because of that, the laws of the land should be disregarded and harsher criteria should be applied .. even though there is nothing to suggest that David’s minority status was a motivation in the crime that was committed. How can that be fair?Manslaughter was always the best you could reasonably have hoped for (under English law you can only find someoe guilty of murder if you believe there was the intention to kill – with “malice aforethought” – or the intention to cause grievous bodily harm. The jury is not allowed to infer the necessary intention, unless they feel sure that death or serious bodily harm was a virtual certainty – a virtual impossibility when neither of those were the outcome with the gang’s seven other victims on the night)Does the the guilty verdict not indicate that the jury believed that the gang intended to cause GBH (and should therefore have been found guilty of murder)? The simple answer is no, not neccessairily so. To be found guilty of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), you don’t have to be part of a conspiracy that had the intenet to cause GBH – simply part of a conspirtorial act that resulted in it. A group of friends planning a trick on someone, which then goes tragically wrong, could quite easily result in a charge of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.Is there anything unusual or legally wrong in this verdict? No. Anyone who isn’t convinced about that only needs to look at today’s Law Comission report on the murder laws.

  2. It is sad that people can be so cruel and unkind just because somebody is different and to sit there and video tape the incident is just wrong and i hope she goes to jail for a very long time.

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