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24 November 2005

  • 24th November 2005

    Gays can become Catholic priests if they can prove they’re celibate 12

    Gay priests must not “publicly manifest their homosexuality or show an overwhelming attraction“, according to the report

    12:00 AM — Gay men will be allowed to be Roman Catholic priests as long as they can prove that they have been celibate for a minimum of three years.The Vatican which was commissioned by the Pope, Benedict XIV, says that the church will ban gays who "publicly manifest their homosexuality or show an overwhelming attraction" to homosexual culture even if it is only intellectually".

  • Conservative Equality Spokeswoman explains her party’s gay rights policies 1

    Ms Laing says, “every person in Britain today should be allowed to live their own lives as they wish”

    12:00 AM — Earlier this week, we reported that a Labour MP (Angela Eagle) described the Eleanor Laing, Conservative spokeswoman on Equality's attitude to the Equality Bill as 'sad'.Today, Ms Laing took advantage of our policy of allowing a right of reply to all articles by asking us to reprint this letter which she hopes will make her own views on the matter clear.

  • 20,000 British people may have HIV without knowing it

    A third of people who have HIV in the UK remain undiagnosed

    12:00 AM — A third of people who have HIV in the UK remain undiagnosed, a report by the Health Protection Agency has found.Despite over seven thousand new cases being diagnosed in the UK over 2005, almost twenty thousand people with the disease do not know that they are infected.Deborah Jack, the Chief Executive of the National AIDS trust says the results should be a wake up call to gay men to get tested.

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