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22 November 2005

  • 22nd November 2005

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    12:00 AM — When Harry Potter first burst onto the scene and all those columnists in the newspapers began churning out ream after ream of gushing praise for the wonderful originality and depth of J K Rowling's contributions to fantasy fiction and children's literature, the few dissenting voices most often brought up C S Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia as a prime example of a classic children's book series that had done it all before. So it's really only fair that Narnia finally gets a cinematic outing, and also only fair that the first Narnia film is so much more accomplished than the first in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

  • Gay rights officer claims he was sacked because of a sex change

    the council denies that its work environment was discriminatory

    12:00 AM — Brighton and Hove council's gay rights officer was hounded out of a job because he had a sex change, a tribunal heard this week.Andy Baldwin, 34, says he was forced out of his job for the local authority after he changed his name from Andrea. He claims that he lost his £26,000-a-year job due to a "culture of prejudice and discrimination against transsexuals."

  • Man sues over USA gay ‘Wife Swap’

    Mr Bradford says he was “misled“ and “threatened“ by the producers

    12:00 AM — An Oklahoma man is suing the American version of Wife Swap over the show's producers sending a gay man to live with him and his family as his half of the swap.Jeffrey Bedford, who lives with his wife and kids outside Muskogee, is seeking $10 million in damages from Walt Disney - the parent company of ABC - the network, and the show's production company RDF Media.

  • Lisburn set for u-turn over gay weddings ban

    The council is expected to overturn the ban in a meeting tonight

    12:00 AM — Lisburn City Council is due to make a u-turn over the banning of gay wedding ceremonies on council properties.The council, in Northern Ireland has previously announced that it would not allow civil partnership ceremonies to take place in their wedding suite.Local authorities are forced to offer civil partnership registrations under the Civil Partnership Act that comes into effect in December of this year. However, they are free to decide whether to offer facilities for ceremonies on their properties.

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