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Northern Ireland politician claims gays are “abominable and filthy”

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Reader comments

  1. Naja Hannah 19 Nov 2005, 3:06pm

    Mr. Mills should clearly check his facts. God spared the French Quarter where Southern Decadence was to be held; therefore, He must like the gays. Seems He doesn’t like the poor blacks though since he primarily attacked the New Orleans neighborhoods around the French Quarter where the majority of impoverished lived. He even continued to flood their neighborhoods long after He sent Katrina in to smite all but the homosexual section of New Orleans from the Earth.Mr. Mills obviously sees God as a vengeful, infallible arbitrator. Therefore, he can not argue with me in my conclusion and now I want to hear Mr. Mills properly reiterate his praise to the Lord for His attack on New Orleans since I have now corrected his misinformation about the intended and actual targets. It is a fact that more African-Americans than homosexuals died because of the hurricane. So if Mr. Mills is indeed applauding this tragic event, as it seems, I would hate to think it would imply he has a bigoted nature to him.

  2. Straight Talker 19 Nov 2005, 9:23pm

    As a lesbian youth living in Northern Ireland, I can report that this is the typical religious fundamentalist vomit they consistantly spew.And yet they are the 4th largest party in the House of Commons?God help us!

  3. He must hate blacks. In addition to the correct assessment of the Hurricane Katrina damage stated above, the same can be said of the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The disease almost exclusively affects HETEROSEXUALS, as much as 98 to 99%. It also affects black Africans disproportianately, over 90% and mostly women. This is just another idiot spewing ignorance and hate from an official position. I thought we in the U.S. had a monopoly on these assholes. The difference is, I hope, he will probably be run out on a rail, whereas in the States he would be elected president. I’ll be glad when people finally see hateful, ignorant bigots as “abominable and filthy”!

  4. Straight Talker 20 Nov 2005, 1:47pm

    “The difference is, I hope, he will probably be run out on a rail, whereas in the States he would be elected president.”Unlikely I’m afraid Hayden.1 MEP9 MPs33 MLAs182 CouncillorsAll of the same views.

  5. He hates the Irish too. This is the party Blair will pander to when trying to pass his education changes next year.

  6. The Lord hates bigots.The per capita spend by Whitehall in Northern Ireland is the highest in the UK at a fraction under £9,000 per head per annum – nearly 50% more than the equivalent spend on citizens in England Wales.Gay taxes are spent to support the bigot scum in the DUP.The peace deal that was brokered by Blair between Gerry Adams and Big Gob Paisley is to cost the UK taxpayer £56,000,000,000 over the next five years – there are just 1,500,000 people living in Northern Ireland.Do the sums!Bombing the centres of Manchester and London has paid off bigtime for ALL Northern Irish shite.As to Mills and his ilk – they have more in common with the murdering and torturing Islamic fanatics of Al Queda than decent christian folk.

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