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17 November 2005

  • 17th November 2005

    Mayor Claims Gay Photos ‘Placed’ On Computer

    Mayor West faces a  recall election over the sex scandal

    12:00 AM — As a Washington judge prepares to decide whether the contents of Spokane Mayor James West's city-owned computer are part of the public record, the mayor is arguing that numerous gay-oriented photos on the laptop were placed there automatically.This is the latest development in the ongoing saga of West, who was outed earlier this year after chatting with an undercover reporter in a gay chat room. West was subsequently accused by two men of using his position as mayor to offer career advancements in exchange for sex.

  • Charles Clarke hints at Crystal Meth re-classification

    The Home Secretary warned that Crystal Meth is a highly dangerous drug

    12:00 AM — The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke has made the strongest hints yet that Crystal Meth (methylamphetamine) could be reclassified as a class-A drug.His comments follow a report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), which examined toxicity, risk, manufacture and prevalence of the drug and considered whether the current classification is appropriate.The ACMD did not recommend the immediate re-classification of the drug but voiced concern over the growing use of the drug.

  • Church of England’s position on gay rights is evil, says right wing Bishops 2

    Dr Williams has in the past been tolerant of gay clergy

    12:00 AM — The split in the Anglican Church over the issue of homosexuality has continued today, with ultra-conservative church leaders condemning the policies of the Church of England as evil.The "Global South", a group of ultra-right wing, anti-gay bishops led by the Nigerian archbishop, Dr Peter Akinola in letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, urge him to reconsider his personal views on homosexuality: "we urge you to rethink your personal view and embrace the Church's consensus and to act on it, based as it is on the clear witness of Scripture."

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