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14 November 2005

  • 14th November 2005

    STD rates rise sharply in amongst American gay men 1

    The rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the up

    12:00 AM — Gay men practicing risky sexual activity are fueling a sharp increase in the incidence of syphilis and a smaller, albeit concerning rise in gonorrhea resistant to commonly used antibiotics, federal researchers said this week.The latest report of increases comes at a time when STD rates among historically important risk groups (including women and minorities) have been declining, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Northern Ireland murder may have been homophobic 57

    Police say there may be a homophobic motive

    12:00 AM — Police say that the motive for the murder of a man in Armagh last week may be his sexuality.Martin Conlon, 35, has returned to Northern Ireland from a prison in Ireland where he had served four years for being a member of the Real IRA.Detective Superintendent Derek Williamson said he is "following a number of key lines of enquiry in this murder which will incorporate Mr Conlon's possible connections with paramilitary organisations and also allegations of involvement in criminal activity."

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