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Girl filmed gay barman being kicked to death on her mobile phone

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Reader comments

  1. This article is correct, we have bigots who live around us, we don’t speak to anyone in our neighbourhood, we were told to list all the comments made to us over a period of time but the police weren’t interested. There is no Gay Police surgery where we live it appears that these only happen in the Cities.

  2. Against advice from the government and the courts, who have ruled that the human rights of the victims should take president over those of the perpetrators, Southwark Council refuses to publicise the identities of those it issues with ASBOs for hate crime and other anti-social behaviour.Offenders are free to continue in their ways without fear of being reported by the community for breach of ASBO conditions.A campaign has just started in Southwark to change this policy. Please support victims of homophobic hate crime in Southwark by signing the online petition :

  3. AussieSkin1483 31 Oct 2010, 7:05am

    As far as I’m concerned, she did nothing wrong, God hates faggotry & God has no problem with the killing of those who oppose him & break his laws.
    here’s a verse for you, “But these enemies of mine those not desiring me to reign over them, bring here & execute them before me.”
    so good on her & her friends for executing that faggot via a Boot the head.
    I will pray that they get off scot free, because they upheld the laws of God
    which by the way take precedence over the laws of Man.

    Hail Christ.

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