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Gay couples in online registration trials

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Reader comments

  1. Hi! I agree with Lady Hale. Civil Partnerships are not equality. They’re sexual apartheid. Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry, and Partnerships must be abolished or extended to opposite-sex couples.

  2. Isn’t that sweet and precious? The fags don’t like straight people. How darling.

  3. T. Gentile 13 Nov 2005, 9:32am

    This doesn’t reflect the sentiments of any homosexuals I know. It’s simply yet another example of poor judgment based on Political Correctness.What a ridiculous thing for the Liverpuddlians to do, however well-intended!I’m sorry, Michael, that you chose to display homophobia in response to it. There’s no other way to interpret your ignorant comment.

  4. Simon Jones 17 Nov 2005, 3:29am

    This is madness. The people of Liverpool will think this is madness too. I’m for cival unions, but to start removing pictures that depict hetrosexual relationships is madness surely? It just flat out daft!

  5. Hello, I agree with Lady Hale. Civil Partnerships are not equality. Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry. As a normal marriage, i thought gay people will have the same rights that straight people have. If a civil partnership is like being married why do not just do it the right way.

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