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08 November 2005

  • 8th November 2005

    Gays gain anti-discrimination rights but loose the right to run gay only bars clubs 5

    Gay clubs will loose the right to turn away straight customers

    12:00 AM — The government will today accept an amendment that will outlaw discrimination of gay people in the service industry. Controversially it will also end the end the banning of straight people from gay venues.Until now, legislation has only banned discrimination of gay and lesbians in terms of employment law but the government has announced that the Equality Bill currently progressing through parliament will tackle discrimination by hotels, pubs, doctors and councils.

  • Gay couples in online registration trials 5

    Civil partnerships become legal in England and Wales on the 5th December of this year.

    12:00 AM — Civil partnerships are to be registered online in a pilot scheme in Brighton and three other areas.Couples registering a civil partnership (or gay marriage as it has popularly become known) will be piloting an online registration procedure in the seaside resort together with Bath, Liverpool and Swansea over the next few weeks.Civil partnerships become legal in England and Wales on the 5th December of this year.

  • Westminster u-turn on gay rainbow flags ban 1

    Ken Livingstone had previously branded Westminster Council as “out of touch”

    12:00 AM — Westminster Council has performed a u-turn over its ban on the display of gay rainbow flags in Soho.Earlier this year, the council announced a policy that forced retailers to remove all rainbow flags from hanging above premises unless they had been granted planning permission.Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London had strongly criticised the Conservative run council and branded them "out of touch".

  • Gay no longer used to describe women 1

    The report claims that the term gay has become more increasingly associated with men

    12:00 AM — According to a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, the word 'gay' no longer pertains to both men and women, as evidenced by a series of articles the paper referenced in the investigative feature.Take, for example, a recent article about a referendum coming to a vote in Maine. The Associated Press reports that opponents of broadened civil rights protections for homosexual men and women claim that such legislation, already signed into law by the governor, would "grant a new status to gay men and lesbians that could open the door to same-sex marriage."

  • Straight man in coma after gang thought he was gay 2

    Asa Freeman suffered serious brain damage after four men saw that he had a limp wrist

    12:00 AM — A straight man was beaten-up by a gang because they thought he was gay, a court was told yesterday.Asa Freeman, 33, suffered serious brain damage after four men saw that he had a limp wrist caused by a stroke and thus assumed his sexuality, Swindon Crown Court was told.Mr Freeman and his friend, who is also straight were on a night out in Townbridge when they were set upon by the gang who poured out abuse, shouting, "faggot" and "queer" at the men.

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