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Gay football stars are too scared to come out

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  1. Francesca Dubia 22 Feb 2006, 11:38pm

    This is just so sad to me that supporters of the team are embarassed to buy the calendar. Embarrased? After watching Brokeback Mountain, I will be proud to buy anything that is remotely linked to the movie. And for all this time, I thought that people in UK are far more enlightened and progressive than people here in the US. This just underscores how far we as a human race still have to go before the world is a better place.

  2. Why have manchester city FC been highlighted and this years winner of stonewall’s equality index not?

  3. Does anyone know where I could order one? I’m in california but would like to be supportive.

  4. “There are at least two gay Premiership football stars that are gay”
    odd wording!

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