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02 November 2005

  • 2nd November 2005

    Gay shop worker claims he was treated as an infected animal after revealing he was HIV positive 1

    Clinton Cards deny the claims

    12:00 AM — A gay employee of Clinton Cards claims he was suspended the day after he told his boss that he had been diagnosed with HIV.Karl Nugent, 23 from Northallerton in north Yorkshire told an employment tribunal investigating his suspension that he was told to stay away from the other staff's mugs and cutlery in the staff kitchen. He also claims that he was given £20 to purchase his own towels and not to use the staff toilet in order "to avoid other staff catching HIV".

  • Michigan halts equal treatment of gay partners 1

    Republican State Attorney General Mike Cox is appealing the court ruling that gives public sector gay workers equal treatment

    12:00 AM — The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt this week to a ruling that allowed governments and public universities to provide health insurance to the partners of gay employees.The dispute goes back to Michigan voters' approval almost a year ago of a constitutional amendment that made the union between a man and a woman the only agreement recognized as a marriage "or similar union for any purpose."

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