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01 November 2005

  • 1st November 2005

    Liverpool’s gay pride event kicks off 1

    Homotopia is aiming for thousands of extra visitors to Liverpool

    12:00 AM — Homotopia, Liverpool's annual gay pride event kicked off on Monday and will last for the next two weeks.The event, which is in its second year, will feature gay films, exhibitions, artwork and stage shows.Homotopia will also feature a host of guest speakers including OutRage! founder Peter Tatchell.

  • Police search Liverpool gay bar after drug illnesses 1

    The police say a rogue batch of drugs may be in circulation

    12:00 AM — Police searched a gay bar in Liverpool on Monday after three people fell ill after allegedly taking drugs inside the popular, GBar.Two women, aged 23 and 25 were taken to hospital at 1.30 am on Monday morning after collapsing inside the door. The younger woman was initially classed as being 'critically ill' but her health has improved to treatment.

  • USA gay rights group criticise Bush over Supreme Court nominee 1

    Samuel Alito is accused of being supported by anti-gay organization, Concerned Women for America

    12:00 AM — Gay rights groups in the USA were quick to criticise President Bush as pandering to the far right by choosing jurist Samuel Alito to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.They expressed particular doubt as to Alito's willingness to protect the rights of LGBT and HIV-affected people.Alito's nomination comes on the heels of hopeful Harriet Miers bowing out of her nomination last week after scathing attacks from the extreme right.

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