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Gay marriage ceremony will tell partners not to fear their love

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Reader comments

  1. RAKESH KARAVADRA 4 Mar 2006, 11:55pm

    i think that there should be more lesbian sceanes by sonia and naomi so can you show more lesbian sceanes please

  2. Geraint Roberts 22 Mar 2006, 2:17am

    Until Rev Millen is willing to address the incidents of child molestation in his own Free Presbyterian Church denomination, he should stop pointing the finger and shut up.

  3. Robert W. Pierce 10 Aug 2006, 3:38pm

    Why does this website keep on referring to Civil Partnerships/Unions as ‘marriages’. Clearly they are not according to the government. Though these unions are far reaching than anything we have had before, they will remain second-class unions and do not really address equality at all. If that were the case, the government, if it were truly dedicated to equality would have opened marriage to everyone. It did not. Why would anyone want to settle for discrimination anyway? Its a case of throwing the dog a bone to appease. It doesn’t appease me, but offends me as it should every gay and lesbian in the UK. The government should abolish these absurd laws and convert them to full marriage if it really believes in equality. Using procreation as the sole purpose of traditional marriage doesn’t fly any more. If that is the reason for denying marriage equality to gays and lesbians and avoid incurring the wrath of bigots both secular and non-secular (call that political expediency), then the government and religious institutions should call for the dissolution of every heterosexual marriage that does not produce offspring, either because of infertility or the option not to reproduce. They can’t cherry pick the marriage law to exclude a large section of the society who pay taxes and serve in our military. Its a sad day when the LGBT community can’t see through that. There is no equality in the UK for any of us unless you’re a heterosexual. Nothing but institutionalised homophobia and blatant discrimination. Don’t settle for anything less than full equality. If Holland, Belgium, Spain, S. Africa and Canada can do it, so should the UK, no excuse.Robert, ex-patriate Londoner

  4. Calum Bennachie 12 Aug 2006, 4:55am

    As the Celebrant for AJ and Thomas who appear in the photo, I can guarantee that it was not taken in Western Australia, nor even performed there. It was performed at Erskine Wedding and Events Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. The Tasman Sea sort of separates NZ from the closest part of OZ.In reply to Robert, under NZ law, Civil Unions and marriages are to all extent equivalent to “marriage” except under 2 pieces of legislation. The Wills Act where if you are not named in your husband’s or wife’s will, you must seek action through the court- Civil Union Partners are included in the will as of right. The other is the Courts Martial Act, where a husband or wife can be forced to give evidence against their partner. This is not the case with Civil union partners. So a CU here in NZ is better than marriage in both respects.Of course, in NZ, we opened CU to everyone, not restricted it to only same sex couples. Which is why it is in all respects the same as marriage, unlike other countries who decided to restrict Civil Unions to same sex couples, thus continuing negative discrimination.And it’s also why I continue to receive queries from overseas couples seeking a celebrant.It isn’t Western Australia that leads the way, but tiny little New Zealand.Calum

  5. robin walker 13 Feb 2011, 10:24am

    are gay people prepared to accept the Christian Marriage Service in its entirety I think not, will they say the words”and foresaking all others keep me only unto thee” I went to a gay marriage ceremony great store was placed on “respecting each others individuality” (promIscuity ?)how can any church accept that you can alter a service to suit the individual

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