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It’s got to be Cameron for the Conservatives to get the gay vote

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  1. I also support David. I think he will beat Gordon Brown.

  2. Guido fawkes 21 Oct 2005, 5:48pm

    Basher Davis stands up for gay rights?Are you on drugs?Cameron is a liberal, Davis is a scoisla conservative.

  3. He did stand up for gay rights when he was at schoolBenEditor, PinkNews.co.uk

  4. Is this article a joke? The Tories will be the natural choice for anyone gay when hell freezes over. The whole fiasco over Liam Fox this week and his desperate attempts to “prove” he is not gay tells you all you need to know.Do you think the Tories would have ever legislated to abolished Section 28? Or to create civil partnerships? Obviously the answer to these two questions is no. So ask yourself why. The best we can ever hope for from the Tories is gruding toleration. Well that’s not good enough and nobody should be so stupid as to be led along by the Cameron media bandwagon.

  5. Is this article a joke? The Tories will be the natural choice for anyone gay when hell freezes over. The whole fiasco over Liam Fox this week and his desperate attempts to “prove” he is not gay tells you all you need to know.Do you think the Tories would have ever legislated to abolished Section 28? Or to create civil partnerships? Obviously the answer to these two questions is no. So ask yourself why. The best we can ever hope for from the Tories is gruding toleration. Well that’s not good enough and nobody should be so stupid as to be led along by the Cameron media bandwagon.

  6. Are you guys absolutely insane? He is completely and totally unfit for office. My rant here:To support this guy is to effectively say it’s just being prudish to oppose the abuse of thousands of vulnerbale young women across the planet. Really, you lot should know better…

  7. We’re not saying that anyone gay should vote Conservative. What we are saying is given the choice of the two Davids, we’re arguing that David Cameron would be best for the gay community.We do not endorse one party or another, the article is soley about an internal Conservative party election.Thanks for your comments though.Ben

  8. PanacheDouche 23 Oct 2005, 3:07pm

    David David stood up for gay rights at school but opposed gay adoption and the repeal of section 28. David Cameron was absent on the Section 28 vote, voted against gay adoption but voted for Civil Partnerships.It does annoy me, however, how all Tories are marked with the era of Thatcher and the 1980s. For any Conservative who was not in politics at this time and was elected for the first time in 2005, why should they be blamed for the policies of the past? Makes absolutely no sense.

  9. Tim Roll-Pickering 23 Oct 2005, 4:14pm

    When did sense ever get in the way a of a political jibe? Labour repeatedly resort to misrepresenting the Thatcher years because it disguises their own inadequacies and inability to say anything against current policy.

  10. Gavin Ayling 23 Oct 2005, 4:30pm

    Repeal of Section 28 and the initiation of marriage-like rights for gay couples is just and right – Thatcher and her ilk were wrong about that and censorship. Tories today know that.

  11. Hmmm it was the Tories who decriminalised being gay in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the 80’s. They also lowered the age of consent from 21 to 18. Not such a bad record.As a gay Tory voter I am backing Cameron.

  12. David Stewart 28 Oct 2005, 1:53pm

    Let’s not forget the wider picture here. David Cameron is committed to improving this country for all its citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation.

  13. Tory Convert 29 Oct 2005, 1:38pm

    “The Tories will be the natural choice for anyone gay when hell freezes over”At a time when one of the most famous Tories in the country, Derek Laud, is gay, and when gay actor Adam Rickitt has announced that he wants to be a Tory MP, it would be nice if people would notice that the party has changed/is changing and has ditched these hang ups.All I can say is that if I ever come across any whiffs of anti-gay authoritarianism in the Conservative Party I will be the first to condemn it.

  14. John Murray 1 Nov 2005, 5:08am

    Richard – on decriminalisation of homosexuality in Scotland and the North of Ireland. Robin Cook drove through the bill that decriminalised homosexuality in Scotland in 1980 and it was pressure from the EU that led to decriminalisation in NI. The initatiative didn’t come from then then Tory government and the vast bulk of progressive legislation relating to gay citizens has been passed under Labour governments (decriminalisation in England and wales, equal age of consent, repeal of Section 28/2a, civil partnerships etc).The Tories won’t change regardless of who leads them.

  15. It’s a shame so many people use this article as an excuse to have a political rant – gay rights shouldn’t be used as a political football.Most gay people want to live in a free society, with the right to make their own decisions about their own lives and not have everything dictated to them by the Government. If that’s the kind of Conservatism that David Cameron is offering, he will have my vote.

  16. Robert W. Pierce 7 Dec 2005, 1:55pm

    If I recall, the Labour government under Harold Wilson decriminalised homosexuality in the 60s I believe. Let’s also not forget that it was also an EU ruling that ordered the UK to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military, not anything volunteered by Labour or Tory parties. Britain always has to be prodded into doing the right thing.While we’re at it, the new Civil Partnership law, though a welcome step in the right direction, still does not grant full equality for all UK citizens, regardless of gender, lets be honest. Any society that believes in true and genuine equality should act on it, just as South Africa has done as did Spain and Canada earlier this year. Marriage is a civil right and should be gender neutral. Holland, the first, realized it, followed by Belgium, Canada and Spain and now South Africa, truly an amazing feat with little or no fuss. To think that a Catholic country such as Spain accomplished this in defiance of the state church’s objections. These are the true democracies. What an embarrassment for this country. This is about civil rights as taxypaying citizens, nothing more. Anyone who pays taxes deserves full inclusion in all the rights and privileges that society offers without exception. The only person who has had the guts to do anything about this is Lady Hale. So far, I’ve not seen anything from Labour or Tory parties that support true equality thus far. We are still a socially backward society and we should be at the forefront, not somewhere in the middle. I had to laugh out loud when Elton John recently commented that he was grateful to be living in such a tolerant society after the Civil Partnership law came into effect. Hello Elton, look to Holland, Belgium, Spain, Canada and soon, South Africa. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of equality, we’re not yet equal but relegated to second class citizenshp.Robert

  17. I am not a Conservative, and I won’t be voting for the Tories under any circumstances.However, I want to see gay and lesbian issues as something which ALL mainstream parties support and are committed to.Cameron does have a pretty good voting record and I hope that this will be enough to at least suggest to the Tories’ neanderthal tendency to pipe down!But this isn’t really up to me. I’m a lefty. Its up to gay Tories to make it clear that they are not going to put up with homophobia any longer from their party.The signs are promising, but continued vigilance is needed.

  18. There is nothing gay about “gay”.Many homosexuals are unhappy, alone, and unfulfilled in life. Most homosexuals are predatory , by definition of being male, and some are a potential or real physical threat to vulnerable young boys and young men who can be “turned” through having an unfortunate “gay” relationship.Homosexuals can be more easily tolerated if the homosexuals themselves are discreet and “in the closet” as they always used to be.I see no benefit to society or the Conservative party in making “gays” a special group. Clause 28 is necessary, and should be restored , in order to protect young boys and young men from the realities of this abnormal lifestyle.

  19. Has Cameron espelled from the party those tory activists that made ashley crossley’s life a misery? Particularly the one who said, “people like you should be stuffed in a wheelie bin and pissed on”?No – because the conservative party, despite the odd token here and there, is intrunsically racist and homophobic and it won’t change.What have those evil people ever, ever, ever done for us?

  20. don’t forget, his flagship policy – tax breaks for married couplesa policy no gay man will qualify for under cameron

  21. Ciaran McMahon 7 Sep 2007, 1:19pm

    “Many homosexuals are unhappy, alone, and unfulfilled in life.”Peter, you’d tell us if you had a stroke, wouldn’t you?I am gay, and very happy with my life. I’m educated with two degrees, despite being only 35, I have a influential and very well paid job, a smashing home, and a partner of five years that is simply the greatest guy to have walked this good earth. Did I fail your “gay test”?Here’s a suggestion, why not go read a good book instead of spouting your inane and ignorant crap on this site, eh? Then maybe you too will one day have an happier existence without projecting your own inadequacies on the gay community.

  22. Peter, you’re a dribbling fool. Go eat some sugar, you’ll feel better, I promise.

  23. Peter, what about the heterosexual molesters who far outnumber homosexuals per capita, go check the statistics? Paedophilia is gender neutral but the propensity lies with heteros like you or are you a self-loathing gay? What are you going to do with your fellow straights on this issue, push for a comparable section 28 for them too? What about your hetero rapists for instance? What about banning hetero prostitution which is nothing more than depravity and debunks the myth that marriage equality would harm the institution of marriage. You adulterers, wife beaters, cheaters and child molesters are the biggest threat, not us. You’re the ones who bring homophobia in to the world by fathering countless numbers of children whom you raise to be hypocrites, racists, criminals, liars and religious bigots. Take that you self-righteous asshole!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  24. Ciaran, methinks he’s a self-loathing gay man, just like Larry Craig. Its quite revealing as to why he comes to a gay website to protest…..tooooooo much and we all know what that means don’t we? Most self-haters are basically jealous that we are out, thriving, well-adjusted, talented, educated, and love ourselves. He needs to get a life and accept who he is.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  25. Ciaran McMahon 7 Sep 2007, 2:01pm

    You said it, Robert. Wouldn’t be surprised if this Peter chap sneaks out at night to cruse a public toilet looking for a bit Larry Craig fun… me think the lady doth protest too much!

  26. oh peter thank you for reminding us that despite david camerons best intentions….and i think he’s genuinely a decent bloke…the conservative party is still full of miserable, misguided deluded homophobes, you being a class A example. How stupid are you? I myself like ciaron am a wonderfully happy and fulfilled gay man. Perhaps if you were more fulfilled and happier with your own life you wouldn’t feel the need to carp bitterly about other peoples’? What are you jealous of? And i do love your line about young men being “turned” by “unfortunate” homosexual encounters. Like a lot of gay people i had plenty of encounters with members of the OPPOSITE sex when i was young and impressionable, they didn’t “turn” me Heterosexual. Far from it…they just confirmed that hetrosexuality had nothing to offer ME because i was and am TOTALLY gay. I’m sure most genuine heterosexuals who had same sex experiences in their youths would conclude that homosexuality wasn’t for them. Or are you implying that hetrosexuality is so unfulfilling and unappealing, that a five minute fumble with another man could really “turn” a straight gay guy? You know, your attitudes towards straight men and the heterosexual lifestyle is actually more offensive than your attitudes to gays if you think heterosexuality is so easily given up No wonder you’re so unhappy!

  27. Ciaran, right on! They’re oh so jealous of us that’s for sure! Sounds like he’s the unhappy, lonely one as if there are no unhappy,lonely, screwed up heteros. Their air of moral superiority is breath-taking, but obviously its an insecurity on his part about his sexuality. He sure does protest too much as you say, the most suspect of all.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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