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Westlife and V Singer Reveal They Are Gay Lovers

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  1. Sam Maloney 22 Aug 2011, 6:48pm

    I *REALLY* dislike this headline: if it were a mixed gender couple, would you say they are ‘Hetero lovers’?

    It should simply state that they are dating or in a relationship.

  2. i just hope that these boys are happy

  3. i agree ‘gay lovers’ bit naff, anyway, best of luck to the twosome!!

  4. I’m most surprised that they chose The Scum as the ‘news’ paper to come out in – why not just use the Daily Fail and be done with it: at least that rag is openly homophobic as opposed to the Scum’s veiled homophobia.

    That aside, I hope the pair can make it work, so many celebrity relationships implode :(

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