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Tory Spokesman Condemns Plans for Gay Army Couples

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  1. I see that Gerald Howarth views the MOD’s plans to provide gay couples registering a civil partnership with the same rights as straight married couples as ‘quite upsetting for families in the married quarters’. I wonder with what authority he speaks on their behalf? In my experience, of over 2 decades of Army service, there are thankfully very few families who would fall into the category of small minded, intolerant bigots that this truly undesirable and out of touch politician so clearly festers in.

  2. George Broadhead 15 Nov 2012, 5:23pm

    “This is a Christian country and Christian teaching is very clear on these matters ..”

    Like so many other politicians, Howarth has obviously not taken note of, or chosen to ignore, the findings of the latest annual “Briitish Social Attitudes” surveys which show that around half of the UK population have no religious beliefs, let alone Christian ones.

  3. MOD chaplains could be sacked for opposing gay marriage says ... - hardPuppy - Network Blog 15 Nov 2012, 5:47pm

    […] In 2005, he said: This is a Christian country and Christian teaching is very clear on these matters …4 […]

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