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Iran Publicly Hangs Two Gay Teenagers

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Piper 19 May 2008, 7:42pm

    Has anyone forwaded this to the Home Secretary?

  2. Judge a government by its actions. Some actions are evil without reference.

  3. Clive Ramsey 10 Sep 2008, 10:50pm

    You do not have to be a rampant racist to be frightened for our future if large scale immigration from countries where people act and think this way continues.
    Strangely Musolini’s daughter had the clearest perspective. She pointed out that you could not expect your life to continue unchanged if you were to allow a lot of people with very different outlook and approach to come in. We may dilike her background but surely if people come in they have a right to demand consideration. Yet still many people look at you askance if you speak quietly of the need for immigration controls. There needs to be some assurance that those who enter will subscribe to at least some of our values. We too need to show respect if we are to demand it. But at present it appears a one way relationship with some elements of the Muslim community.

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